Joe Perry Project, 100 Monkeys & The Pity Party…

Joe Perry Project/Ghost Hounds @ The House Of Blues

The Joe Perry Project show at the HOB was great, with one “on, no!” moment and some surprises. I guess a fairly decent chunk of an audience at such a show wants to hear Aerosmith tunes…me, not so much. Hearing Dream On sung by anyone but Steven Tyler just doesn’t sound right…even though Hagen Grohe has a great voice, I’m a Boston girl and it just sounds wrong! Other than that, I loved everything! Surprise 1…the opening band, the Ghost Hounds were fantastic! I hadn’t heard of them and was happy that I got there early enough to see their whole set. Surprise 2…Slash came out to play with the Ghost Hounds on one song, and with JPP on one song. My Youtube link here: Walkin The Dog

set list:

100 Monkeys @ The Viper Room

I’d heard about 100 Monkeys and wanted to see if they were good enough to merit the buzz…or if it was more to do with one of the band members (Jackson Rathbone) being in the Twilight cast. I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the show…though some of the shrieking was a bit much since I was trying to record some songs. They are a fun band to see live and I liked that swap instruments after each song. One of the better quality videos I took was an improvised song about pop rocks. Here

The Pity Party @Spaceland

I went to Spaceland to check out some new bands on Monday after reading a Flavorpill blurb on the event and the Happy Hollows residency there. Everything started later than I expected it to, so I didn’t make it long enough to see the Happy Hollows. However, I saw a band called The Pity Party, who were great! The are a duo…male guitarist, female singer/drummer/keyboardist- sometime all three simultaneously. That alone was worth the price of admission. Oh wait…there was no cover. OK, that alone was worth jumping on the 101. There next show is December 19th at the El Rey. Their myspace is:


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Professional photographer specializing in rock 'n roll and live concert/event photography. Visually expressing powerful music is my passion.
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