KAV, IWNBTS, Fishbone, Camp Freddy and Tom Morello!

The Echo

I went to see KAV on Wednesday at the LA Buzz Bands showcase at the Echo. They were great! My favorite song was Lizard King- and not because it has anything to do with Mr. Mojo- because it doesn’t…you can here for yourself on their Myspace

The photos I took are HERE

Pershing Square

On Thursday, I went to Pershing Square in Downtown LA to see I Will Never Be The Same and Dramarama. This ice skating/concert event is ongoing and seems to be the best kept secret in LA. I wish there was better coverage/press on this because it should be completely packed! Parking is cheap, you can ice skate for $8 for an hour while listening to bands. This past Thursday, it wasn’t just any band…it was one of my fave new bands- IWNBTS!


Dramarama pics HERE

Fishbone@HOB, Camp Freddy@The Roxy

I started off my Friday night by going to the Fishbone show at the House of Blues on Sunset. Fun show that had me grinning from ear to ear. I was left wishing I had some of Angelo’s energy! I took a few videos…


Party at Ground Zero

After Fishbone’s set, I headed over to see the first of 3 December dates that Camp Freddy is playing at the Roxy. I normally take video of their shows (check out my youtubehttp://www.youtube.com/LAwomanPhotography) but there were signs all over the outside of the venue saying per CF’s request, no cameras. So, I respected that. I caught the beginning of the opening band “Warner Drive” (their MYSPACE). They were good and I’d like to check out their full set sometime. Their next show is on December 12th at the Dragonfly. Next up were the Darling Stilettos. They performed longer than I’d seen them in the past and seem to have incorporated original music into their set. Either that or they were playing covers I didn’t know. Camp Freddy finally hit the stage, after an unusually long delay- around 12:15. Guests were: Steve Jones, Steve Stevens, Frankie Perez, Susanna Hoffs, Vicki Petersen, Travis Barker, Mickey Avalon, Fred Durst and Mark McGrath.

The Actor’s Gang

I attended the WTF! festival at the the Actor’s Gang to help support the organization…oh, and to see Tom Morello! 🙂 For more information, please go HERE. Tim Robbins, the Actor’s Gang founder and Artistic Director, was on hand to introduce Tom. Those in attendance were fortunate enough to see the Nightwatchman in a very intimate setting- theater seats 100-150 people. After Tom played several songs, Shooter Jennings came out and performed a medley on his guitar, then moved to the piano. Tom came back out, plugged in and the two of them proceeded to tear the roof off! Highlights were Bruce Springsteen’s “Ghost of Tom Joad” and Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land”. Tom even got most of the audience on their feet to sing, clap and jump up and down to the last verse of This Land!


About Christy Borgman

Professional photographer specializing in rock 'n roll and live concert/event photography. Visually expressing powerful music is my passion.
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