Photo set: Petal Drop LA 2- Jacarandas!

May 29, 2016, Lamar St, Los Angeles, CA

I received a text at sunrise on Sunday morning and excitedly headed downtown to the location of Petal Drop 02!  A temporary explosion of purple jacaranda petals were waiting for those who made the early morning trip to Lamar and North Main streets.  Workers in purple vests greeted everyone with various applications to work at the flower factory.  After I turned in my application to work in the Department of Surprising Adjacencies, I followed the purple arrows to the LA River where another surprise was waiting.  I just kept thinking, if there was a strong wind, it really would be as if nothing magical had happened.  Luckily, we had calm air with an abundance of magic and beauty.  Many thanks to the people who worked so hard to organize this event!  I thoroughly enjoyed it!

About Christy Borgman

Professional photographer specializing in rock 'n roll and live concert/event photography. Visually expressing powerful music is my passion.
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