Photoset: L7 at the Echo in Los Angeles, CA 5/28/2015

May 28, 2015 L7 at the Echo in Los Angeles, CA

I was one of the lucky people to get into L7’s “warm-up” show on Thursday.  The Echo was the location for the revival meeting and L7 was preaching to their choir, thumping their crazy beats leaving us seeing stars.  Yes, Scrap is one of my faves, and it was one of 18 songs on a killer setlist!  Donita, Suzi and Jennifer traded off lyrics while Dee held it all down with the ferocious heartbeat of the drums.  I’ve waited a long time to see L7 live and they exceeded every hope I had.  LA has two more shows to look forward to in July at the Fonda. There is also a documentary in the works called “L7: Pretend We’re Dead“, which you can read more about on the kickstarter page.


About Christy Borgman

Professional photographer specializing in rock 'n roll and live concert/event photography. Visually expressing powerful music is my passion.
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