Birthday traditions, nature and Jim Morrison

Each year on my birthday, I try to plan something special involving music or the great outdoors.  In years past I’ve gone to concerts by some of my favorite artists.  My top three most memorable were probably Jane’s Addiction, Rob Zombie and that time Johnny Depp was at the Mint!  Some years I’ve rented room #32 of the Alta Cienega motel for a Doors/Jim Morrison celebration.  Other years I’ve gone camping or on beach excursions.  This year, I returned to the Jim Morrison theme. I decided to take incorporate nature and visit two locations associated with Jim.  Tahquitz Canyon in Palm Springs and a very cool cave in Malibu.

On my birthday, I headed inland to hike in Tahquitz Canyon which is featured in “HWY: An American Pastoral” and “When You’re Strange”.  Temperatures were flirting with triple digits and I was grateful to only have one camera around my neck.  I can’t imagine doing the hike with a bunch of equipment to shoot a movie!  The payoff was a peaceful oasis with a refreshing pool of cool water and a waterfall.  The waterfall was more like a glorified trickle, but I’m told it cascades with more water earlier in the Spring.  It was still a beautiful way to spend the day!



The next day, I headed up the PCH to Corral Canyon in Malibu.  My friend and I explored the trails, rock formations and the very cool “Jim Morrison Cave”.  Legend has it that Jim would come up here to hang out and write.  There is a skull carving in the floor of the cave’s elevated perch that is attributed to him, though I don’t know how that could be confirmed or denied.  Regardless, it was an interesting place due to the gorgeous views and colorful graffiti.  The “birth canal” entrance is a little tricky to navigate, but if you go in low to the ground, it isn’t too hard to get in.

About Christy Borgman

Professional photographer specializing in rock 'n roll and live concert/event photography. Visually expressing powerful music is my passion.
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