Owl at the Roxy 4/12/13, record release show, “The Right Thing”

Owl, 4/12/13 at  The Roxy on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, CA

Last night, I attended Owl‘s record release show at the Roxy for “The Right Thing” which came out on April 9, 2013.

I heard the album on Noisecreep before the show and was really excited to hear the new songs in person.  They sounded great and each member of this band is so talented on their own, together they are fantastic live!  They opened with The Right Thing, which is also the name of the new album.  I love the way it starts out, building up to a really catchy groove.
The upright bass and bow came out for the third song, Pusher, a trippy song from their first album (self titled Owl, available on iTunes).  Halfway through the set, they played the first track off the new album, and my favorite Kinks song, a cover of Destroyer.  It fit really well into the set.  I was psyched that they played Rover…an homage to Ireland that made my East Coast DNA happy.  It’s a fun song that made me want to dance and raise a pint, which many people at the Roxy did.  They ended the set with Violent Center, another song from their first album.  It was a ferocious closer, vocally and instrumentally, leaving the stage with me wishing they could play another set!

Check out the album!  It’s solid from start to finish.  Two of my fave tracks are All Day and Signs Of Life, which they didn’t play at the Roxy.  If you’re into collecting vinyl like me, they have a bundle pack on their website that includes vinyl, a CD and a T-shirt.

Owl: Chris Wyse (Bass, Upright Bass, vocals), Dan Dinsmore (Drums), Jason Achilles Mezilis (Guitar, vocals)

Owl setlist 4/12/13 The Roxy in West Hollywood, CA


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