The King Eddy has reopened under new ownership!

I spent the weekend in Downtown Los Angeles and happened to notice that the King Eddy had reopened as I was walking by this afternoon.   Curious, I went in to take a look and have a drink, since it was St. Patrick’s Day after all!  I was pleasantly surprised to see that they haven’t change the  structure of the bar.    I was afraid it would be unrecognizable when it reopened.  Once thing that has changed it the smoking room.  It’s been replaced by a dart room, which I think is an upgrade, though I’m sure smokers would disagree.    They’ve put up great artwork honoring the literary history of the bar and closed off the windows on the 5th street side, as well as the old door at the corner of 5th and Los Angeles.  It makes for a darker, more cozy atmosphere.  They’ve added new quality beers on tap, but kept the prices low ($4 and $5).   I forgot to investigate the juke as there was music playing, but hopefully it’s still there.   Next time I’m in the neighborhood, I’ll definitely be back.  (Bonus- I met one of the owners, who along with the bartender and security guard, was friendly and welcoming!)  If you are on twitter and want to follow the bar, the new handle is:  @skidroweddy  and on Facebook.

Here are some photos:

To see more photos I took this weekend in #dtla, check out this GALLERY.  The first 44 are the newest shots.


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Professional photographer specializing in rock 'n roll and live concert/event photography. Visually expressing powerful music is my passion.
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