LA Gang Tours: educating and creating jobs!

Every few months, I like to take a tour of the city I love, Los Angeles.  Sometimes it’s with Esotouric, other times it’s with the LA Conservancy, once in a while it’s even on one of those Starline tours!  Last Saturday, I went on the LA Gang Tour, founded by former gang member, Alfred Lomas.  When I first heard about the tour, I was unsure about going, fearing that it would be exploitative.  As I read about the tour’s purpose and the great things that they were doing for the community, I decided it would an interesting and educational experience.

As the tour route wove through Downtown, South Central LA, Watts Towers and the Arts District (formerly the Warehouse District) we learned about the history of gangs, correctional facilities, graffiti and it’s importance in gang culture, social unrest and what was being done to create solutions.

Proceeds from tour tickets goes to help mediate gang violence on the streets, employ ex-gang members who are trying to lead a positive life and find solutions not only for  our city, but for other communities that are experiencing similar gang related issues.

Visit for more information.

Click HERE to see my full gallery of photos from the LA Arts District.


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