Mike Watt, “on and off bass” photography book

Great things happen in the mornings when Mike Watt paddles his kayak into the waters of San Pedro- art! Both photography and music.  (more on this in the Q&A with Kira Roessler, in the link at the end)  In celebration of his new photography book, “on and off bass”, Mike Watt performed at Beyond Baroque in Venice, CA on 5/5/12 with the Missingmen (Watt, Tom Watson and Raul Morales) and also did a few Minutemen songs with Tom Watson and Nick Aguilar.

I had no idea that the thundering bass legend had such a photographic eye, but his love for San Pedro and nature really comes through in the selection of photos featured in this book.  The industrial looks beautiful and sometimes haunting.  Providing accompaniment to the images are excerpts from his tour diary and poems- total eye and mind candy!

Video of Q&A with Mike and Kira HERE

If you want to get a copy of your own, it’s available on the publisher’s site, Three Rooms Press,  HERE and on AMAZON

About Christy Borgman

Professional photographer specializing in rock 'n roll and live concert/event photography. Visually expressing powerful music is my passion.
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