Alice Cooper Whisky a Go Go

    Alice Cooper.  At the Whisky A Go Go.  On the Sunset Strip.  For the first time in 42 years!  For me, it was a legendary concert before it even began.  A capacity crowd packed into the club just after 8PM, excited to be a part of history.  KLOS program director, Bob Buchmann and the best DJ on the planet, Jim Ladd, came onto the stage first to welcome us.  Then, appropriately enough, Rob Zombie, came out to welcome Alice.

    Alice Cooper and his band hit the stage running with a blistering cover of Train Kept a Rollin’ and it just kept getting better from there…in between Brown Sugar and Muscle of Love, they played a new song called I’ll Bite Your Face Off, which fit really well in the set.

    A little bit later in the set, Alice announced that a special guest was coming to the stage; someone who was in the original house band of the Whisky.  That of course could only mean one thing- someone from the Doors was about to come out!  Robby Krieger!  They played Break on Through and Back Door Man.  During Back Door Man, someone from the audience handed Alice a floppy black hat.  It reminded me of the black hat (minus the skull) that Jim Morrison wore in Miami, and vocally, Alice seemed to channel Jim as soon as he put that hat on!

   The last surprise of the night came when a woman wearing leopard pants and an Alice mask came onstage.  Of came the mask and there was Ke$ha to join them in performing School’s Out.  She took swigs from a bottle of Jack Daniels and poured some into the audience too.

Below are some photos I took.  More can be seen on my website HERE

About Christy Borgman

Professional photographer specializing in rock 'n roll and live concert/event photography. Visually expressing powerful music is my passion.
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