Nikki Sixx 987FM Side Show party hosted by Kat Von D

On Thursday July 22, 2010, I attended the Nikki Sixx 987FM Side Show party hosted by Kat Von D. It was held at the beautiful Hollywood Towers in Los Angeles. In addition to Nikki’s nationally syndicated weekday radio show, Sixx Sense, he has launched a 2 hour countdown show, called the Side Show. It airs on 987FM on Saturdays from 8-10AM. The show is a top 20 weekly countdown show that also gives Nikki the chance to showcase bands that HE wants you to hear…his Sixx Picks.

The party was thrown to welcome Nikki to the 987 family. A fire eater, sword swallower and contortionist were on hand to entertain the attendees and Nikki and Kat sat down with DJs Kennedy and Darren to answer questions that we had written down for them.

My question was about Sixx AM. I wanted to know if there were any plans for a Sixx AM tour after Ozzfest. His answer is here:

Craig Alexander, vocalist for local band Electric Child, asked if Nikki would be featuring unsigned bands on the Side Show. His answer here:

More photos HERE

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